Where would you recommend I go to repair/refurbish my vintage LCD watch?

I have a vintage 1984 Seiko LCD digital watch. It has sentimental value to me. It has four buttons that are very hard to press and the quartz display is scratched. Can anyone recommend a place that specializes in LCD watch refurbishing/repair?

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  1. Dave S says:

    SEIKO Corporation of America
    1111 Macarthur Boulevard, Mahwah, NJ 07430, U.S.A
    Tel: 201-529-5730
    Fax: 201-529-1548

    I have a Pulsar (now owned by Seiko) watch about the same vintage with almost the same problems as yours. Call them and they can tell you if they have the parts to repair it or not. In my case the buttons were sticky and the crystal was cracked. They told me they could repair it and I sent it in. I got it back in about 2 weeks with a letter saying they could not replace the crystal as their replacement stock was depleted and it was no longer being made. They did, however, fix the buttons and replaced the battery at no charge. It just depends on what parts they have left over.

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