Replace Palm Treo 650 LCD Screen

Palm Treo LCD Repair How toIs the Screen on your palm 650 smashed?  Did your Treo 650 get dropped and the LCD screen cracked?  Is the backlight burned out on your Palm Treo 650?  Well this quick little video is what you need.  It will show you how to take apart the Palm Treo 650 so you can remove and replace the LCD screen.

Why do this yourself?  Money, you will save about 50 dollars by doing it yourself

Check out the LCD screen for the palm Treo that are available on eBay?  Why Ebay, because they have the lowest prices I could find.

Palm Treo 650 Touch Screen Digitizer + LCD Display Assembly Replacement USA
Palm Treo 650 Touch Screen Digitizer + LCD Display Assembly Replacement USA
Time Remaining: 23d 17h 14m
Buy It Now for only: $7.60
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And here is the video of the disassembly of the Treo 650.

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