Repair Touch Screen Problems on LG VU CU920

How to replace the Touch Screen on LG CU920. If your touch screen on your LG VU is not working, you are not alone.  This is one of the most common complaints with the CU920.  Don't despair. It is fairly straightforward to replace the touch screen and they are not very expensive.  They range from 8 dollars up to 30. I would get one from eBay and if you do, buy from an American seller if you want the part faster.

The first video shows how to remove the touch screen on the Vu.

Part II video: How to install touch screen on LG VU 920.  The  one thing I would change is the spray glue.  A better control method would be better.  Look for a seller that includes double sided tape with it.

Find replacement LG VU touch screens on eBay.  I have some of them listed below to help you get started.

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  1. jordan says:

    thanks for the lg cu920 break down vid, with out it i would be lost with my cracked lcd screen. thanks again.

  2. Herschel Fenison says:

    I’ve had my LG Xenon to the last year, but I only lately discovered this site, Up right up until now, I never truly looked into employing the cell phone as anything but a voice and SMS device, but whilst it was out for repair I had been employing a Motorola KRZR like a back-up and I really hated it. I’m also a former employee of Rogers Wireless, exactly where I had been a member on the Network Operations group; they are the ones accountable for the inter/intra-site transport, switching and base-station network. Though we certainly not got to play with as well a great deal consumer hardware, I do know for any fact there’s ‘un-branded’ firmware available for just about every telephone available. Ahead of a carrier decides to carry any cellphone they get a base model through the manufacturer that they demo and put via tests – acquiring a single of these demo units would most likely be much easier said than accomplished nevertheless. Most with the time, they just get passed of to buddies or family members members who do not even realize that the telephone is unlocked and unbranded.

  3. Independence says:

    You make things so clear. Thanks for tankig the time!

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