iPhone 4S Teardown & Touch Screen Digitizer LCD Screen Display Replacement Repair Directions

iPhone 4S Teardown & Touch Screen Digitizer LCD Screen Display Replacement Repair Directions

www.InjuredGadgets.com Presents the iPhone 4S Touch Screen Digitizer & LCD Display Dissasembly Replacement directions and repair guide.
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Part 1 LG Rumor Scoop LCD Disassembly Repair Flex Cable

myworld.ebay.com Watch in higher quality option. Much clearer details. In this video, I show you how to disassemble and reassemble the Rumor. If you need the LCD or the Flex cable, I sell them on Ebay. If you screen is blanking out or going white/negative, you probably just need a new flex cable. I am the only dealer selling Brand New OEM LG screens. I also ship to Canada if needed. If you damage any parts while doing the repair, I have parts from salvage phones for sale. If you need any help, email me at crane.walker@gmail.com 850-210-2546

How much does a LCD replacement screen cost for a 46inch flat screen?

Recently a friend gave us their tv because someone tried to steal it and they dropped it. The tv works and all but the busted the whole right side. Any ideas on how much it will cost to fix?

LG Shine CU720 LCD Screen Replacement Guide

LG Shine LCD ReplacementIs the LCD screen on your LG Shine Cu720 broken? Did the backlight on your Shine burn out? Wondering how to take apart your LG Shine and replace the LCD screen?

Well, then I have a link for you. Our sister site www.howtofixmyphone.com wrote a detailed guide on the LG Shine LCD Replacement.

Check out the low cost replacement LG Shine LCD Screens from EBAY!

Tools that you will need Size 00 Phillips head screw driver, Small flat head screw driver, and a Plastic tap (guitar pick)

So if you need to repair your LG shine with a new LCD, check out the guide at the following link.

LG Shine LCD Screen Replacement

Video Instruction for Blackberry 9700 LCD Screen Replacement

Disassembly video made by MobilePros.com.au