Nokia 6280 LCD Display Replacement Repair

This video shows how to take off the top part of the housing and replace the LCD Screen and put it back together. A good video if you need to know how to replace the LCD display on your Nokia 6280. Find replacement screens from ebay,. Some are listed below to make it easier for you to find.

Time Remaining: 12d 17h 23m
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26 Responses to “Nokia 6280 LCD Display Replacement Repair”

  1. MrSoultaker1990 says:

    hi there i have a nokia 6280 and the screen is nackerd could u tell me where u got a new fone screen plz get back to me

  2. MrSoultaker1990 says:

    hi there i have a nokia 6280 and the screen is nackerd could u tell me where u got a new fone screen plz get back to me

    Thank You
    Vincent Hamlett

  3. younokt says:

    can you do a video whit n97 or 5800?

  4. marcinbra says:

    i’ve got a nokia E 65 and the screen doens’t work so this i also can do for fixing it?

  5. Fiaimior says:

    Fantastic, really easy to follow, thanks

  6. twitchykraut says:

    yeh thanks for not showing the possibly most difficult bit (attaching the ribbon) cos the cameraman is too inept. otherwise good demo.

  7. 5pacRulez says:


  8. danny69petrov says:

    I have a problem with that orange shit in there HELP ME ~ !!!

  9. ikashmiri says:

    thnaks alot for uploading this video . This saved my money .
    kind regards
    thanks again

  10. paolo22yey says:

    my slide piecs kinda shaky how d u repair it?

  11. MusikaNiLeVoN18 says:

    Can u unlock sagem my-w8 and LG U300>> share me your schematic and software.thanks

  12. zilch182 says:

    Cheers for that.

    Works perfectly!

  13. R33GTR4U says:

    my 6288 camera doesnt work and i cant play videos. wots wrong with it?

  14. MUJHOOL says:

    my 1,2,3, buttons dont work?
    whats wrong ?
    wat can i do?
    thank you
    5***** video

  15. tsddan says:

    awesome !!!!!!! many thanks for your help

  16. hamstringsyo says:

    thanks for this
    took me a while, but i got it !
    cheers once again.

  17. crazysteveIII says:

    the backlight on mine doesnt work and the key pad is in place properly can you help?

  18. iNic00 says:

    There is no video on youtube showing how to repair the Nokia N80 LCD! Isn’it possible to fix the N80 by yourself?

  19. ibbecool123 says:

    the metal frame of mine is rally bowed and i cant fix it isnt there any way i can buy i screen with frame.. theres not even only screen to buy here in sweden they say u have to buy a new phone i just like screw you,

  20. Xilantress says:

    Hey just wanted to say thank you for the video tutorial, I didnt think i would be able to replace a LCD on a handphone myself until i saw this video after i had just cracked my phone. Thanks again, you saved me alot of money and time.

  21. russdamuss01 says:

    u r a legend thankyou…..

  22. drancill says:

    Yes, 6288 is the same inside as they take the same screens, parts etc and even the same software files. I think the only difference is the case!

  23. 21Panzer21 says:

    i think this vid will help me 😀 .. because i have a nokia 6288 (i think the structure of them is the same) … and i broke my lcd and my case … phone works great even if after such an accident it should stop working (music works , camera , etc … screen is black and spider-webbed) ….

  24. Philldopuma says:

    This video is very useful and help me in every step to change the screen that i broke e can Thank you enough for the tutorial! Like u sai in portugal “Muito Obrigado”-(thank you) :)

  25. GSRFighter says:

    Great explanation.
    I bought a spare LCD screen off eBay and it comes with all the necessary tools. A plastic lifting tool is included to lift the plastic cover, metal frame and keyboard. Beats using ur fingernails.

  26. sphhgfghj. says:

    hi. right i seam to have accidently stood on my phonee .. right and all screen inside is crackedd.. what to do? will it cost lots to fix? its a nokia tooch screen pile of pooo. please get back to me before my mum kills me (4th phone this month:/).

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