Monitor Electronics Repair – Troubleshooting Guide For LCD Monitors?

I specialize in repairing LG and Samsung LCD monitors and need some extra schematics, tips and ideas to make my job more efficient. Is there any guide on the subject of LCD repairs that covers it in greater detail?

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2 Responses to “Monitor Electronics Repair – Troubleshooting Guide For LCD Monitors?”

  1. Aldie says:

    LCD Monitor Repair is the industry standard ‘top guide’ for LCD repairs of most brands. I’ve been able to successfully troubleshoot a number of LCDs for my clients, with a 95% success rate with Acer, LG, Samsung & Philips monitors. These are the ones I get most often.

  2. MACOS GARCIA says:

    yo me senté encima del control de mi televisor y desde ese momento se oye pero no se ve

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