How to Replace the LCD Screen on a T-mobile Dash

This is a how to repair guide for the HTC 620 / HTC 621 mobile phone.  Commonly referred to as the T-mobile Dash.   For some reason, the LCD screens on the Dash seemed very prone to breaking if you carried in your pocket or dropped it once.

The good news is you can repair it yourself.  A new LCD for the t-mobile Dash runs about 30 dollars on eBay and the procedure is pretty straight forward.  Be glad it’s not a slide phone!  Yeesh, changing LCD screens on that type of phone is a pain!

Where Can I Find A Dash or HTC S620 / 621 LCD Screen Replacement?

Check out the T-mobile Dash LCD Screen Replacements available on ebay. Why ebay? They are the cheapest by 25 dollars or so.

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This guide is for replacing the LCD on your T-mobile Dash.  This will fix a dead back light, no display, cracked LCD screens, shattered LCD screens and just dead Dash LCD Screen in general.  If you have an HTC Excalibur with a broken screen then this procedure will work for you as well.

So without rambling by me, I present to you the HTC 6201/621 Dash LCD Screen Replacement Guide!!

Tools needed:

T6 torx Driver and some type of flat tip device for prying covers off.  A plastic guitar pick is my favorite choice.


  1. Turn of phone and remove battery and back cover.remove t-mobile dash back cover and battery
  2. Remove SIM card and memory card if installed.
  3. Remove 4 screws around the side of the phone.remove-4-screws-back-tmobile-dash
  4. Remove the screw caps on top backside and remove 2 screws underneath. The pry device is handy for removing the little black covers.remove-top-screws-and-covers-dash
  5. Remove the back cover.  Using the guitar pick, insert it into the button and work it around the cover. There are 4 snaps that need to be release to remove the cover. See the picture below for the approximate locations.remove-back-frame-4-snaps
  6. Remove the 1 screw on the main board. It is located in the corner near the camera.remove-screw-on-mainboard
  7. Release and disconnect the LCD connector. Lift the little brown retaining bar up. See below for reference.flip-up-connector-retainer-and-remove-lcd-cable
  8. Remove the keypad connector in the bottom left corner. Lift gently from the corner of the connector.remove-connector-for-keypad
  9. Remove the connector at the top of the main board.  Lift  brown retaining piece up  and slide out the cable. remove-connector-at-top
  10. Lift the main board off the top cover. Loosen the board from the cover by running your removal tool of choice arounf the edge.  Please use something plastic for this.   Grasp firmly and pull up and over.  See pictures below for reference.loosen-mainboard-from-top-coverlift-mainboard-from-front-cover
  11. Align the connectors and gently lift up the bottom side cover. Work the cables gently through the
  12. Remove the T-mobile Dash LCD Screen.  remove-t-mobile-dash-lcd-screen
  13. Install the new LCD screen.
  14. Align the connectors and gently install the bottom side cover. Work the cables gently through the openings and push cover into place.  install bottom of top side frame tmobile dashgently work cables through bottom of top side cover
  15. Gently install the main board back into place.
  16. Reconnect the 2 cables removed in steps 8 and 9.
  17. Install the LCD cable back into the connector.  Make sure it is seated snugly and then push retaining clip down.   Caution: Failure to properly seat connector can cause a white display or no image on LCD at allinstall-lcd-cable-back-into-connector
  18. Install the screw removed in step 6 back into the main board.
  19. Double check all of the connections to make sure they are seated firmly.
  20. Install the back cover on. Make sure to firmly snap back into place all around the edge.
  21. Install the 4 screws from the sides.
  22. Install the 2 screws on the top.
  23. Install the battery and the battery door.
  24. Power on your HTC 620 / 621 and check out the new LCD.
  25. If the LCD is white or not functioning properly, go back to step 17 and make sure the cable is seated firmly.

That is all there is to it.  Go out and enjoy your newly repaired T-mobile Dash with its fully functional LCD Screen in all it’s splendor!

If you need a new LCD Screen for your T-mobile Dash, check out the link below.

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If you have questions or comments about this procedure, leave a comment below!

Disclaimer: Disassembling your HTC 620 /621 Series Phone will void the warranty. Proceed with the following instructions at you own risk. is not liable for any damage that may occur. This website is in no way related to or associated with HTC, T-mobile, or any other Mobile Carrier.

Thanks for looking out the replacement guide for the T-mobile Dash LCD screen

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  1. Rob Kelley says:

    Thanks a million, my provider was no help. Ebay for the screen and this site! Awesome!

  2. GrinningFool says:


    I am glad we were able to help!

  3. [Venkat] says:

    These steps “just worked” for me
    Thank you for making me happy :-)


  4. Mark says:

    Easy directions, great pics, worked like a charm.

  5. Jermaine Ross says:

    Thanks alot! Your guide was all I needed to install a new lcd screen. I ran into a problem afterwards though, I can’t hear anything on my phone unless I use the speaker phone or a ear piece. I was wondering could it be that the reciever copper pins aren’t making good contact with the copper padding on the pc board?

  6. GrinningFool says:

    I would go back and make sure all the connectors are tight. Especially the one in step 9

  7. Claudia Vazquez says:

    Thanks, you saved me extra time. — I bought the screen off of ebay and they sent me a link to a uTube video with instructions. (BTW – very useful, it made me feel comfortable with the clicking and popping sounds of seperating all delicate/breakable pieces – LOL) but unfortunately it only showed the steps for taking it apart. When I first turned on the phone I got a white screen, kind of figure it was one of the connections and decided to search for help so as not to waste time. Found this article and your exact description of each connection, let me correct the problem in a few minutes. The upclose pictures you included were very helpful as well. If I can add a tip: for those not used to working with the insides of electronic components, taking the phone apart is a good time to use compressed air to clean all the dust and dirt that gets inside, despite the housing being sealed. I’ve had my phone 2+ yrs and was amazed at the dirt inside. — Thanks again!

  8. Melanie says:

    Thanks so very much! Your guide was all I needed to install a new lcd screen. I had never had a cell phone open but you made it very clear and easy to understand step by step how to do it. The only problem I have had is I can’t use a corded handsfree headset because the mic doesn’t work. I got the phone cheap because the screen was screwed up so I hadn’t tried to use a headset before I replaced the screen. Therefore I don’t know if it worked before or not. The screen is perfect now tho! Thanks again!

  9. Jaime says:

    I droped my phone and my screen is totally white. The phone is working perfectly but I can t see anything. Is the LCD borken? Or just disconected?

  10. woodz says:

    Any1 kno how to get a stuck microsd card out of the dash the card broke in half inside the phone

  11. jay says:

    awesome write up……….works perfectly. However, I could not get the darn nubbies back on! lol

  12. Adri says:

    This was the best thing ever I followed the directions exactly the way it said my cousin gave me her old one and I just switched the lcd on it and it was just like new!

  13. Tamil Devendiran says:

    This can’t get better. After T Mobile had let me down to fix the LCD screen, I decided to follow this article. Its very simple and I have replaced my cracked LCD screen in minutes…Now my HTC Dash works like magic…Thanks. Without these instructions I wouldn’t have fixed my mobile.

  14. Johanne says:


  15. jd says:

    Thanks man, i disconnected the interface with the red and blue cables, i forgot the right position when i was replaced the screen.

    Thanks good job

  16. Johanne says:


  17. Johanne says:

    Guys thanks so much for this cool information. I did fix my screen, but now, my phone is turning on and off on it’s own. Was is something that is not connected? Help me please!! :(

  18. Ed says:

    Your instructions were helpful! Thanks!. Everything works fine, I do have to open phone again maybe later I left the piece off on the volume. Good thing it has volume. Again thanks!

  19. matthew watkins says:

    Many thanks for instructions, i had cracked my screen, I ordered one via Ebay from the USA £16, followed your instructions – absolutely brilliant!!


  20. Stuart says:

    I replaced my screen following the instructions above. By the card in step 9 there was a srew which had to be removed before I could open it up. After removing this screw some bits at the top came adrift ( by where the earpiece is). On putting everything back together it all works fine except, when a call is connected I can’t hear them and they can’t heare me. The LCD by the earpiece is working fine. Is this to do the what came loose or is it likely just to be the connection on the cable in step 9 as was mentioned in a previous comment.

  21. Stuart says:

    Following the previous comment, I reattached the cable and tried the phone before I had screwed it together, it worked fine. The next day the microphone/phone speaker are not working again.

  22. Stuart says:

    And I can’t send or recieve texts either!

  23. good article, i will add my feeds.

  24. I’m a big fan of this website and I read it regularly. Keep up the good work!

  25. jon says:

    u see the brown piece when you put the conector 936 it broke will it still show lcd screen?

  26. Mariana says:

    hola tengo un htc s 620 que se rompio la pantalla y el liquido se derramo por el vidrio de adelante ¿alguien sabe como limpiarlo? porque se ve pero con mucho reflejo.

  27. GrinningFool says:

    take it apart and dry it out or open it and and put in bag of dry rice

    lo desarme y sequen o abrirlo y poner en una bolsa y la de arroz seco

  28. MoT-Mo says:

    worked like a champ, thanks alot!!!!

  29. Cloudrocket says:

    Thanks! Very well written how-to. You made it easy–no damaged parts!


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