How much would it cost to repair the LCD panel for a Sony LCD TV?

The bottom right hand corner of my Sony LCD TV (Bravia) cracked suddenly while I was watching TV. The display was distorted from the bottom right hand corner to the top. Actually I wonder if this could be repaired afterall.

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4 Responses to “How much would it cost to repair the LCD panel for a Sony LCD TV?”

  1. Matt R says:

    Unfortunately, probably more than the tv is worth. time to buy a new tv.

  2. paul p says:

    you can buy the same model on ebay with power problums and swap screens.paul

  3. TV TECH-man® says:

    NO it can’t be repaired CHEAPLY…..

    About $2000….

    And it didn’t crack magically all by itself….it either FELL, or you threw something at it…..

  4. trueblue_410 says:

    Warning: This is a warning you are not gonna get from the dealers or the manufactures. LCDs have very fragile, very breakable PLASTIC screens. Screens because there are two. The “inner” screen of my 7 mos. old Sony Bravia 42″ is broken. Broken by a 34 lb., 3year old throwing an empty plastic cup. The screens are plastic because they can be and it prevents the screen from being reflective. It also makes them CHEAPER to make. No warranty, no repair. If you have children or children visit, do not buy LCDs.
    I believe mine was defective and an impact that should not have broken it did break it. Try proving THAT! But why did the inner screen break instead of the outer?
    Sony would have none of that and that really thrilled Best Buy.
    Sony quoting $2300 to fix a TV I bought for $2000. I believe you. I believe that they are subject to break easier than normal but we cannot prove it.
    I went and bougth a plasma yesterday.

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