DELL E172FPb LCD Monitor repair

Video showing the disassembly and repair of Dell E172fpb LCD monitor. From

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25 Responses to “DELL E172FPb LCD Monitor repair”

  1. dwayneluwe says:

    You did not repair the monitor, all you did was to replace the board (swapping)

  2. 38828601manu says:

    I must buy one of these multi-functional blue sticks.
    I have broken a lot of plastic cases with screwdrivers

  3. magicbuskey says:

    What is that blue plastic tool you are using at the beginning?

  4. BayaneyLasBayas says:


  5. gongxia649 says:

    0:28 why do you fucking dont focus there…cant see how you popped it out

  6. regio227 says:

    This Repairman is a Scratchman.
    In my service workshop will be fired!
    How can he repair a part of PSU on the LCD screen!
    Of course LCD is not his property.

  7. jaorodeols says:

    what was that he just open it disassemble the monitor and reassemble? so what did you repair there?

  8. tankbukkake says:

    how do i fix a monitor that is green and pink in thick lines?

  9. mitubotavo says:

    9:11 ensamble 0:45 desensamble

  10. Minocide says:

    THE problem is, how to epn th casing….telll me :)

  11. 09hechizero says:

    tengo una duda….es q tengo un monitor lcd marca dell….el cual cuando tengo una pantalla blanca y le doy click para tener un menu emergente…..y paso el puntero en las opciones me marca una sombra algo tenue a los costados en todo el monitor de forma horizontal….a q se puede deber esto?….es el monitor o la tarjeta de video…..

  12. JackofTrades75 says:

    Why don’t you put those numbers together? Yeah, that’s right. . .

  13. frizzank91 says:

    iron maiden rocks! i can hear it in the background. i repair dell lcds for a living and maiden is most of my soundtrack every day

  14. bob080189 says:

    @hypnomatic01 there is no screws it is clips dose you screen light up ? if not ill explane wat is gone on it,

  15. woodlist says:

    I have one needs fixing. Trouble is, how do I know what’s wrong? How do I even know if it can be repaired? I can’t even see how to open the thing up. No screws visible on the back whatsoever. I just bought a new, bigger screen model. One day maybe I might get the duff one repaired as a spare?

    Woodrow Lister

  16. tiku71 says:

    Was bitte schoen, war denn jetzt die Reparatur ?
    Das Board rein und rausbauen kann jeder !

  17. bob080189 says:

    they put a new board in even tho u can fix it lol they ent got the braines to fix it i fix monitors big plasma tvs ect

  18. bob080189 says:

    its just as easyer to get a new monitor i got a job lot of monitors 2 repair and they are sellin so chep

  19. Runifruity says:

    what lvl do u need to be at engineering to do that ?. 450 or 300. nah just kidding

  20. hypnomatic01 says:

    ive got a dell monitor that could do with a new screen. can anyone tell me if there easy to obtain? also, would it be easy for me to swap them over? i used to work on the production line, at samsung where these were assembled. bad times haha

  21. maypepnecro says:

    Thank you, i was missing the 3:53 part.

  22. boondawgle says:

    Thanks – saved me some time taking mine apart

  23. Dully222 says:

    Just shows taking it apart and maybe getting a new board adn putting it back in,, does not show how to actually fix anything ..

  24. draconpost says:

    lol, cool, he cut the part when he actually repairs it :/

  25. pubertyfairy says:

    Wow, this monitor looks pretty cool without the bezel. I bet dual monitors with their bezels removed would look fucking awesome.

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