Computer Repair Business Focused On LCD Monitors – Specialist Guide To Help Me Get Started?

I want to start a computer repair business specializing in LCD monitor repair, which I feel is an under-served niche. Any guides from LCD experts that will help me get started technically as well as business wise?

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2 Responses to “Computer Repair Business Focused On LCD Monitors – Specialist Guide To Help Me Get Started?”

  1. Green Glass says:

    Try Jestine Yong’s LCD Monitor Repair site. It’s got all the ideas, instructions and technical / business advice to get started as an LCD entrepreneur. Yong’s a successful entrepreneur as well, so his experiences should give you important insights to get ahead in your own venture. Hope this helps. Good luck!

  2. ShortcutHerbal Goody says:

    who the heck gets their monitors repaired? Monitors last so long I get my moneys worth from them.. when they cease up I just buy another monitor. If I have the money I get a new one otherwise I buy refurbished! If you want to repair monitors then do the refurbished thing. I doubt very much if you’d get many people coming with monitors needing repair!

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