Hello and welcome to www.CrackedLCDRepair.com.

Cracked LCD Repair is dedicated to providing free guides that allow you to fix broken and damaged LCD's on you electronics. The main speciality will be cracked and broken lcd's on cell phones. This is what we know and write about mainly. We will branch out into other electronics as time goes on.

About Me:

I am Terry Fritsch,the owner of Cracked LCD repair. I use the name GrinningFool to post!
I have loved taking apart electronics since I was a little kid. The USAF trained me as an Electronics Technician so I now how to fix the things I take apart. I live in Utah and work for a major semiconductor equipment company. My main job is to fix things! No wonder I like to write about fixing stuff!

The guides on www.crackedlcdrepair.com will always be free. You will see that there is usually a link in the guide where you can buy the part needed to fix it.

All products represented on our website are sourced through the eBay shopping system. We chose eBay to source our products due to the wide selection of lcd screens, as well as the buyer protections and security through the eBay system. If you are already an eBay account holder, buying through our website is easy… Find the product you are interested in purchasing through our Cracked LCD screen store, browse through theguides to locate the exact item you need, and simply click on the items to purchase or bid for them on eBay.

If you are not an eBay account holder, you can setup an account for free during the checkout process of the item you are buying. If you do not see a LCD screen you were  looking for, please contact us at crackedlcdrepair@gmail.com and we will try to source the product and provide a guide for you on our website.

This is how we generate money to buy more phones to make more guides.

If you have questions, or are looking for a specific guide, use the "contact us!" button above and let us know!

Thanks again for visiting!

Terry Fritsch

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    je ss nouveau technicien et je demande aide

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    je cherche le schama d alimentation sharp lc_32dh500f

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