Cracked or Broken Iphone Screen Repair Deal – 99 Dollars

Iphone cracked screen repairIs the screen on you Apple Iphone Broken?  Did the touchscreen crack on you new iphone?   It happens.  The cool touchscreen on the Apple Phone is unfortunately susceptible to damage if drop or squashed.  Don't panic though.  You can get your phone repair for 99 dollars now. is offering a special on Iphone 3G and Iphone 3GS screen repair.  For 99 dollars, they will replace the LCD and the touchscreen for you and give you a 6month warranty.    You can't beat that price.

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Verizon LG ENV2 LCD Screen Repair

Verizon LG ENV2 LCD Screen Replacement

A reader asked this question: "While camping last weekend, my buddy fell asleep on my EnV2. I awoke the next morning to 4 black cracks leading out of the bottom left-hand corner of the inside LCD. He apologized, but apologies don't fix broken phones. Once I got home, I immediately called Verizon. To my dismay, they could not repair my phone for free, but instead they wanted to charge me a ridiculous sum of money."

So you need to repair the LCD screen on the LG Env2? Cracked the screen and verizon wants lots of money to repair or for a new phone, like the poor guy above? The good news is you can replace the ENV2 screens yourself and save your money.

Here is a good guide with lots of pictures to show you how to repair or replace the LG ENV2 LCD screen
EnV2 Repair Guide and below are some of the LCD screens for the Env2 on ebay.

LG ENV2 LCD Screens

LG VX9100 enV2 LCD Display Visual Screen Replacement Part New USA
LG VX9100 enV2 LCD Display Visual Screen Replacement Part New USA
Time Remaining: 26d 8h 44m
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Nokia 6288 LCD screen repair

Time Remaining: 15d 9h 29m
Buy It Now for only: $4.99
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How to easily repair the broken LCD screen on your Nokia 6288. You can pick up a LCD screen for you nokia from ebay. Just search for "6288 LCD screen". If this helped comment please.

Sony K750i LCD Screen Replacement

How to replace or repair Sony Ericcson K750i LCD screenRepair your Sony K750i yourself and save some money. Cracked LCD screen, bad back light, white lines in your screen? Take the K750i apart and replace the bad lcd screen.

The parts are fairly cheap on eBay and there is a guide at the link below.

Picture guide to take apart the Sony K750i:  Click Here to Access

Find a new LCD screen below from the sellers on Ebay? Why buy a Sony K750i LCD screen on eBay? Broadest selection and lowest prices by far. Usually 50% less.

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If you need more guidance on taking apart your Sony K750i, watch the video below.

I hope you are able to repair the Sony K750i LCD screen and save some money!

How much would it cost to repair the LCD panel for a Sony LCD TV?

The bottom right hand corner of my Sony LCD TV (Bravia) cracked suddenly while I was watching TV. The display was distorted from the bottom right hand corner to the top. Actually I wonder if this could be repaired afterall.